Wipfli: Growing Since 1930

From one man to more than 1,800 professionals - but still one firm.

In 1930 Clarence J. Wipfli & Company was established in Wausau, Wisconsin. Clarence founded the company with a clear vision for bringing his values to his business.

We've come a long way
Today, more than 1,700 Wipfli team members with an unmatched breadth and depth of experience are trained to help individuals and businesses of all sizes (from small, family-owned companies to large, international businesses) streamline processes, improve performance, leverage the right technology, and stimulate financial growth. And while a lot has changed over the years, the deeply ingrained values passed down from our founders still remain an evident part of our business. Every day we aim to be the firm of choice by exemplifying excellence, teamwork, perseverance, integrity, and caring.