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The Blended Accounting Internship Experience
Wipfli’s blended accounting internships provide both tax and audit experience.  Our 12-week program offers accounting, audits, reviews, compilations, and preparation of individual and corporate tax returns with specialized computer training, account planning, and client service orientation.
The accounting internships are for students that are interested in pursuing their CPA.  Wipfli offers these blended internships every spring semester and provide valuable skills and insight into our Firm.  This is a great way to get to know us while putting your education to work.
  • Accounting internships are offered in all 22 of our Wipfli offices throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.
  • Over the past three years, we have averaged 90% conversion of our internship into full-time employment.
Note:  At this time our program does not accommodate summer internships or students obtaining an associate’s degree in accounting.

The Entry-Level Accounting Program
Wipfli’s entry-level accountant program mirrors our internship program with the Blended Accounting Experience.  New associates work on audit and tax engagements for the first two years of employment to allow associates to develop their strengths, skills, and passions in accounting.

The Consulting Internship Experience
Wipfli’s consulting internship experience will provide an introduction to how the IT function can more effectively support clients and help make better business decisions.  Our 12-week program, offered in the summer, offers a wide assortment of the IT consulting arena, which includes performing analyses of business processes and software systems, installing and configuring technology solutions, providing training for end users and ensuring overall client satisfaction.
  • Consulting internships are offered in our Minneapolis and Milwaukee offices.

The Entry-Level Consulting Program
As a part of Wipfli’s team, consultants will design, develop, and implement custom software solutions that provide improvements to client’s business processes.  Sharing industry knowledge and building long-lasting relationships with clients is what Wipfli consultants strive for.   Always looking to the future will bring clients and consultants together, and at the same time, assisting in the discovery of innovative technology and tools.
  • Wipfli was named to the prestigious 2012 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics, an elite group of the most strategic Microsoft Dynamic partners from across the globe.

Summer Development Program
Wipfli offers a 1-day Summer Development Program in 9 of our office locations, and an extended program in our Philadelphia region. Our program focuses on building your knowledge and skills in two specific areas that we have found successful candidates possess, communication and leadership skills.
The ideal candidate will be:
  • A sophomore or junior in college
  • Working toward a degree in accounting, information systems, supply chain management, economics, engineering, or other related field
  • Interested in working within public accounting as an accountant or a technology consultant after graduation
  • Motivated by learning new concepts
To be considered for this opportunity, please submit your resume to www.wipfli.jobs

Human Resource Internships
Internship opportunities is this area are periodically offered in our larger markets:  Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Eau Claire, and Wausau.

The Recruitment Process
Wipfli conducts on-campus interviews at 12 different campuses throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota.  In addition to visiting campuses, we also host interviews in several of our regional offices so you will have the opportunity to experience our work environment, get a sense of our culture, and meet more of our associates!

When does Wipfli recruit on campus?

  • Internship recruiting takes place in the spring and fall of each academic school year.  During the Fall of 2013, we will be visiting campuses and recruiting for Spring 2014 accounting internships and Spring 2015 accounting internships.
  • Full-time recruiting takes place in the fall of each academic school year.

What is the process if on-campus interview aren’t conducted by Wipfli at my school?

  • Submit your resume to our Campus Opportunities – General position. If your background meets our requirements, and an office visit is not possible, we will conduct a phone interview to start the process.
  • Visit your career services center to submit your resume for consideration. They will also be able to share details regarding on campus interviews that take place during the Fall.

Check out our Facebook events page for upcoming campus visits and recruitment events.

How to Apply
  • Submit your resume on the Career Opportunities page.
  • Visit your career services center to submit your resume for consideration.If your background meets our requirements, we will contact you to start the process.

What if I have questions about my application or the process?

  • Please email hr@wipfli.com if you have questions about your application or the recruitment process.

Please Note: Wipfli does not accept unsolicited resumes. If you are interested in applying for a position you must submit your resume for an open position under the career opportunities link.

Meet: Anthony Speel, Accounting intern
“The internship experience was great. I was able to work on a variety of projects and learned more than I could have imagined in three months. Everybody was extremely helpful and willing to take time out of their hectic schedule to help answer any questions.”

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