Agriculture Business
At Wipfli LLP, we see agriculture as a vital part of America’s history and current livelihood. Our professionals are dedicated to taking care of the industry’s financial health at all levels, from family-based or small-scale farms and ranches to larger producers and distributors.
We specialize in strategy, technology, and finances for agribusiness.  We work closely with agricultural producers, cooperatives, and machinery and implement dealers and offer the following expert services:
  • Business Structure and Entity Selection
  • Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Efficient Financial Audits
  • Assistance with agricultural lending from commercial banks and the Farm Credit System
  • Coordination with Farm Program Eligibility and Limitations
  • Estate and Family Transition Planning
With Wipfli LLP, you can expect a full range of specialty services from an accountant you trust.
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