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Wipfli helps auto and truck dealerships achieve sustainable results and maximize their ROI. With expertise in tax, audit, and accounting, our dedicated dealership team puts more than 125 years of combined experience to work for each and every client.

Featured Expertise

Steve Hewitt, CPA

Steve has worked exclusively with auto dealerships since 1988, consulting on sale transactions, assisting in purchase price and allocation issues, helping new dealers obtain approval for new retail locations, and assisting dealers in fraud settlements with insurance companies. In short, Steve helps dealerships achieve their goals, whatever they may be.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Benes & Krueger, S.C. joins Wipfli LLP
General Business - 12/01/16

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Federal Judge Delays Overtime Rule
General Business - 11/28/16

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Extension of Due Date for Furnishing Statements to Participants of Forms 1095 and Related Relief
General Business - 11/22/16

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Comprehensive Tax Reform Likely Next Year
General Business - 11/17/16

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: What Does the Election of Donald Trump Mean for Employee Benefits?
General Business - 11/15/16

Wipfli LLP and Wipfli Hewins accelerate growth with office opening in downtown Chicago
General Business - 11/14/16

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Is Your Retirement Plan Safe?
General Business - 10/17/16

Wipfli LLP joins Chamber of Digital Commerce
General Business - 09/19/16

Wipfli Becomes National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2016 Champion
General Business - 08/31/16

Wipfli LLP and Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors win Reader’s Choice Awards, Voted Twin Cities Business’s Best Accounting and Wealth Management Firms
General Business - 08/30/16

Chicago-based Weltman Bernfield to join Wipfli
General Business - 08/22/16

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: URGENT - IRS releases proposed rules that severely limit popular wealth transfer techniques
General Business - 08/09/16

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: What to do when you receive a Marketplace notice
General Business - 07/20/16

Wipfli LLP appoints Gary Shutan as Chicago Market Leader
General Business - 06/23/16

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Coding of Forms 1095-C - Common Scenarios
General Business - 05/24/16

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Rule Changes Released to Fair Labor Standards Act Overtime Regulations
General Business - 05/18/16

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Health Savings Account Cost-of-Living Adjustments for 2017
General Business - 05/03/16

Washington D.C.-based Brittenford Systems, Inc. joins Wipfli LLP
General Business - 05/02/16

Litigation support expert Allen Jacque joins Wipfli LLP
General Business - 04/10/16

Industry veteran Jeff Fritz joins Wipfli as a partner
General Business - 03/28/16

Wipfli wins Next Generation Best Place to Work and two Future 15 awards from Greater Green Bay Chamber
General Business - 02/24/16

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting of 1095 Forms
General Business - 01/28/16

Wipfli LLP joins global effort to support Data Privacy Day by becoming a champion
General Business - 01/25/16

Chicago-based Steinberg Advisors, Ltd. joins Wipfli LLP
General Business - 01/04/16

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: IRS Extends Due Dates of Forms 1094-B/C and 1095-B/C
General Business - 12/29/15

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Captive Insurance Provisions Enhanced and Tightened
General Business - 12/22/15

Update on Prior Guidance on Health Insurance for More-Than-Two-Percent S Corporation Shareholders Under IRS Notice 2015-17
General Business - 12/21/15

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: 2016 Payroll Update
General Business - 12/15/15

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Clarification Regarding the U.S. Department of Labor Letter on Quality Audits of Benefit Plans
General Business - 12/11/15

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Year-End Compensation Accruals
General Business - 12/01/15

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: New Lease Accounting Rules to Become Effective in 2020
General Business - 11/16/15

Wipfli managing partner Rick Dreher named one of Inside Public Accounting’s Most Admired Peers
General Business - 10/05/15

Wipfli becomes National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2015 Champion
General Business - 08/20/15

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Anticipated Treasury Regulations to Target Family Limited Partnerships
General Business - 08/17/15

Wipfli Alerts & Updates - Be Aware: Spear-Phishing on the Rise
General Business - 08/13/15

Wipfli LLP becomes the inaugural U.S. partner to offer BPO powered by Microsoft
General Business - 08/06/15

Wipfli LLP named one of the nation’s top value added resellers (VAR) by Accounting Today
General Business - 08/06/15

Wipfli named to 2015 Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club
General Business - 07/31/15

Wipfli joins NetSuite Solution Provider Program
General Business - 07/23/15

Wipfli’s Idaho, Montana and Washington associates to volunteer in Idaho Falls for special community service day
General Business - 07/22/15

Wipfli LLP launches cybersecurity practice
General Business - 05/27/15

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Health Savings Account Cost-of-Living Adjustments for 2016
General Business - 05/07/15

Health Insurance Reporting: Forms 1095?
General Business - 03/23/15

Wipfli LLP/Elko & Associates opens new Downtown Philadelphia office
General Business - 03/19/15

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: New-New Guidance on Health Insurance for Small Employers...
General Business - 02/20/15

Lock Up Your Data
General Business - 01/26/15

Montana-based Galusha, Higgins & Galusha, PC and Pennsylvania-based Elko & Associates, Ltd. join Wipfli LLP
General Business - 01/16/15

Pennsylvania-based Elko & Associates, Ltd. joins Wipfli LLP
General Business - 01/05/15

Montana-based Galusha, Higgins & Galusha, PC joins Wipfli LLP
General Business - 01/05/15

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: 2015 Payroll Update
General Business - 12/11/14

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Employer Reimbursements of Individual Health Insurance Policies
General Business - 12/02/14

Assurity River Group joins Wipfli LLP
General Business - 11/03/14

Wipfli joins movement to shine a spotlight on fraud
General Business - 10/28/14

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Don't Be the Next Cyber Attack Victim
General Business - 09/16/14

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Are You Complying With Unclaimed Property Reporting Requirements?
General Business - 07/30/14

Wipfli LLP admits nine associates to the partnership
General Business - 07/24/14

Wipfli LLP named one of the nation’s top value added resellers (VAR) on Bob Scott’s Top 100 VARs list
General Business - 06/17/14

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Employer Shared Responsibility, Determining Full-Time Employees Under ACA
General Business - 06/12/14

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Health Savings Account Cost-of-Living Adjustments for 2015
General Business - 04/25/14

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Weakness in “secured” websites may cause data leak
General Business - 04/10/14

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: The General Employer Shared Responsibility Rule
General Business - 04/07/14

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: 2014 Minnesota Tax Bill
General Business - 03/24/14

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Small-Employer Health Care Tax Credit Transition Rules
General Business - 01/22/14

Bob Buss to speak on ‘Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans’ at NADA Conference
Auto Dealerships - 01/21/14

Chicago practice of Regulatory Compliance Associates, Inc. joins Wipfli LLP
General Business - 01/13/14

Illinois-based The Condon Group, Ltd. joins Wipfli
General Business - 01/02/14

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Illinois Supreme Court Voids Sales Tax Regulation
General Business - 12/13/13

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: 2014 Payroll Update
General Business - 12/13/13

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Year-End Compensation Accruals
General Business - 12/11/13

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: IRS Releases Taxpayer-Friendly Regulations Affecting the New 3.8% Tax in Time for the Holidays!
General Business - 11/27/13

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: New Guidance on Health Reimbursement Arrangements and Required Changes to Cafeteria Plans
General Business - 11/15/13

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Updated Employee Benefit Plan and IRA Quick Reference Table 2013 & 2014
General Business - 11/06/13

Wipfli’s Community Day helps 67 organizations
General Business - 10/17/13

Wipfli LLP provides sales and use tax webinar for Minnesota companies
General Business - 10/15/13

Wipfli launches health care reform toolbox for employers and health care providers
General Business - 09/25/13

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: More Wisconsin Businesses to Qualify for Tax Savings Through Research Credit
General Business - 09/20/13

Wipfli Managing Partner Rick Dreher named one of Inside Public Accounting’s Most Admired Peers
General Business - 09/18/13

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Notice to Employees of Health Insurance Marketplace Options
General Business - 09/09/13

Wipfli LLP ranks among top 23 on Inside Public Accounting’s 100 Largest Accounting Firms list
General Business - 08/28/13

Wipfli LLP named a Best Place to Work for third time by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
General Business - 08/15/13

Wipfli LLP elects four associates to partner
General Business - 07/25/13

Wipfli LLP names Dan Pichler partner-in-charge of Green Bay office
General Business - 07/19/13

Wipfli acquires Baker Tilly’s Wausau practice
General Business - 07/19/13

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Wisconsin Budget Bill
General Business - 07/16/13

Wipfli LLP to Open Office in Global Water Center, Assist Tennants with Business Needs
General Business - 06/27/13

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Health Reimbursement Arrangements and the Prohibition on Annual Limits
General Business - 06/25/13

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Minnesota Tax Omnibus Bill
General Business - 06/11/13

Shea Reese joins Wipfli’s state and local tax practice
General Business - 05/14/13

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Health Care Reform – The New Patient Centered Outcomes Research Fee
General Business - 04/30/13

Wipfli Alerts & Updates | Wisconsin State Tax Alert: Wisconsin and Unclaimed Property Obligations
General Business - 04/24/13

Wipfli earns HITRUST Common Security Framework Assessor designation
General Business - 04/22/13

Wipfli Cautions Wisconsin Businesses to Avoid Scam Involving an Annual Minutes Form
General Business - 02/08/13

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Save Tax Dollars with Planning Strategy for 2012-2013
General Business - 01/22/13

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Urgent - Limited Planning Window For Clients Age 70 ½ Or Older—IRA Distributions To Charity
General Business - 01/10/13

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Congress Reaches “Fiscal Cliff” Deal! Yet Most Taxpayers Will Still Likely Pay Higher Taxes.
General Business - 01/02/13

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: 2013 Payroll Update
General Business - 12/07/12

Minnesota-based Eikill & Schilling joins Wipfli LLP
General Business - 12/01/12

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Updated Employee Benefit Plan and IRA Quick Reference Table 2012 & 2013
General Business - 10/23/12

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Action Required for Employers Sponsoring Health Flexible Spending Accounts With Salary Reduction Limit Greater Than $2,500
General Business - 09/13/12

John Bartell joins Wipfli as partner and co-leader of revenue cycle consulting practice
General Business - 09/12/12

Wipfli appoints Jeff Johnson as managing partner of its Spokane office
General Business - 09/09/12

Scott Riser joins Wipfli as audit and assurance partner
General Business - 08/27/12

Wipfli LLP admits six associates to the partnership
General Business - 08/01/12

Wipfli Joins 2012 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics
General Business - 07/19/12

Wipfli launches Turnaround and Restructuring Services Practice helping companies in financial or operational distress
General Business - 06/24/12

Looming Tax Changes Create Uncertainty in Tax Planning Strategies... and also Opportunities
General Business - 06/16/12

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Foreign Bank Account Reporting June 30th Deadline Approaching
General Business - 06/06/12

Rick Taylor is published in the Wisconsin CPA magazine - On Balance
General Business - 05/22/12

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Does the State Owe You Money?
General Business - 03/22/12

2012 Mandatory Health Care Reporting for Employers with 250 or more W-2s
General Business - 03/16/12

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Extension of Payroll Tax Holiday!
General Business - 02/28/12

Eide Bailly and Wipfli Accounting and Consulting Firms Discontinue Merger
General Business - 02/24/12

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: President’s Budget–Possible Significant Tax Changes Ahead
General Business - 02/14/12

Wipfli and Eide Bailly announce plans to merge
General Business - 01/06/12

2012 Payroll Update
General Business - 12/13/11

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Last-Minute Business Tax Planning Strategies
General Business - 12/09/11

Wipfli’s Community Day helps 58 organizations
General Business - 11/18/11

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Wisconsin changes adult child health care insurance benefit
General Business - 11/10/11

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Workers Being Treated as Independent Contractors
General Business - 11/09/11

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Updated Employee Benefit Plan and IRA Quick Reference Table 2011 & 2012
General Business - 11/03/11

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: URGENT—Enhanced Gift Tax Rules May Be Ending Soon
General Business - 11/02/11

Wipfli named one of the Top Five Fastest-Growing Firms in the nation
General Business - 10/07/11

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: The Importance of Updating Beneficiary Designations
General Business - 09/28/11

Wipfli formalizes Public Company (SEC) Services Practice
General Business - 09/08/11

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Generous Depreciation Rules May Be Quickly Coming to an End
General Business - 08/24/11

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Hackers Now Targeting More Small Businesses
General Business - 08/15/11

Wipfli LLP named a Best Place to Work for second consecutive year by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
General Business - 07/29/11

Star Tribune honors Wipfli LLP as a Top Workplace in Minnesota
General Business - 07/07/11

Wipfli LLP launches corporate finance subsidiary
General Business - 06/13/11

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Michigan Legislation- Repeal of MBT and Significant Individual Tax Changes
General Business - 05/23/11

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Now May be the Time to Buy a New SUV for Business
General Business - 03/31/11

Robert Buss is published in the Wisconsin CPA magazine - On Balance
General Business - 03/24/11

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: HSAs Gain Favorable Wisconsin Income Tax Treatment
General Business - 01/28/11

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: New Credit Card Protection Rules – Are You Compliant With the Data Security Standard?
General Business - 01/21/11

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: The Payroll Tax Holiday
General Business - 01/07/11

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: U.S. Treasury’s Electronic Federal Tax Payment System
General Business - 01/05/11

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: 2011 Payroll Update
General Business - 12/20/10

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: 2010 Tax Relief Act—Finally Some Holiday Cheer!
General Business - 12/17/10

Greg Butler quoted in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
General Business - 12/10/10

Brian Knoll, Wausau Tax Partner, quoted in Wausau Daily Herald
General Business - 12/09/10

Down, but Not Out: Important Tax Changes Included in Deficit Commission Study Will Resurface in Coming Months
General Business - 12/07/10

Wipfli is named to Accounting Today's Technology Pacesetter list on November 15
General Business - 11/23/10

Illinois-based Lindgren Callihan Van Osdol & Co., Ltd (LCV) joins Wipfli LLP
General Business - 10/06/10

Wipfli Alerts & Updates: Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 Provides Valuable Benefits for Businesses
General Business - 09/23/10

Wipfli LLP Joins the 2010 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics
General Business - 07/20/10

Wipfli Selected Among Microsoft Partners to Host Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2010 Launch Event!
General Business - 04/23/10

Wipfli Sponsors The Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal 40 Under Forty Awards
General Business - 03/23/10

Chicago-based American Capital LLC’s tax practice joins Wipfli LLP
General Business - 03/04/10

Wipfli is the Presenting Sponsor of Insight 2010 with Charlie Sykes
General Business - 02/26/10

Jason Wimmer joins Wipfli LLP as a partner in the firm’s financial institutions practice
General Business - 01/20/10

Wipfli is proud to sponsor Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal’s 2010 Book of Lists
General Business - 12/17/09

Wipfli’s Community Day helps 35 organizations
General Business - 12/02/09

Ron Hafner Joins Wipfli LLP to Lead The Firm's SEC Practice
General Business - 12/01/09

There are currently no events listed.

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Sales and Use Tax Automation–Crucial Tools for Accurate Reporting
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Revenue Recognition Update
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New Accounting Standards Update: Simplifying the Transition to the Equity Method
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Occupational Fraud: Still a Growth Industry in 2016
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Crowdfunding for Capital? Know the Rules.
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How to Prepare for the Ensuing IRS Enforcement Staffing Increase
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The Business Associate's Path to SOC 2 + HITRUST CSF Certification
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What's Your Company Worth? An Introduction to Advanced Planning for Business Owners
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Health Savings Accounts: Employee Benefit Cost Savings?
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Why You Should Think Like an Auditor
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Run Your Financial Statement General Ledger for You (Not Your CPA)
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The Importance of Having Strong Financial Planning and Analysis
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Proposed Changes to the FLSA Overtime Regulations and the Actions Organizations Should Take
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Sales and Use Tax Return Filings: Understanding and Avoiding the Impact of Negligence Penalties
General Business - 02/23/16

Excise Taxes – What Are You Missing?
General Business - 02/23/16

Are You Monitoring Your Advertising Purchases for Proper Taxability?
General Business - 02/23/16

State Tax Filings – Important Year-End Tax Review Tips
General Business - 02/23/16

To Disclose or Not to Disclose – Applying the concept of materiality to financial statement disclosures
General Business - 01/04/16

Document Retention: What’s Your Policy?
General Business - 01/04/16

GAAP Is Getting Easier
General Business - 01/04/16

New Lease Accounting Rules
General Business - 01/04/16

Increasing the Return on Investment of Your Construction Project: Ten Questions to Ask Yourself to Help Manage State and Local Tax Issues
General Business - 10/13/15

Cost Segregation Studies: Understanding the Application of Income Tax Analysis to Property Tax and Sales Tax Reporting
General Business - 10/13/15

Selling a Business: Have You Proactively Addressed State and Local Tax Issues Before the “For Sale” Sign Goes Up? - Part Two
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Demystifying Out-of-State Sales Tax Registration
General Business - 10/13/15

The FASB Plans to Clean up Business Combination Accounting Rules
General Business - 09/01/15

FASB Votes to Defer New Revenue Recognition Standard by One Year
General Business - 09/01/15

SALT-ED Q&A: How do I avoid paying sales tax on the purchase of exempt items?
General Business - 07/28/15

Five Mistakes Companies Make In Managing Customer-Provided Exemption Certificates (Is Your Company Guilty?)
General Business - 07/28/15

Selling a Business: Have You Proactively Addressed State and Local Tax Issues Before the “For Sale” Sign Goes Up?
General Business - 07/28/15

SALT-ED Q&A: When is the proper time to contest the assessed value on my property tax bill?
General Business - 03/23/15

Commercial Real Estate Assessments: Are You Paying Too Much in Real Estate Taxes?
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Most Common Sales and Use Tax Audit Adjustments
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Unclaimed Property Reporting Requirements: Are You in Compliance?
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Handling a Sales and Use Tax Audit: What You Don't Know Could Hurt You
General Business - 12/15/14

Automating and Simplifying Your Sales Tax Compliance with a Sales Tax Technology Solution
General Business - 12/15/14

SALT-ED Q&A: When do I pay taxes in another state?
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Sales Tax and Technology Solutions: Accepting the "Mission Impossible"
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An Unpleasant State of Affairs: Recognizing Trustee Mismanagement of Estates
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The Top Incident-Response Missteps and How to Avoid Them for Digital Forensics Success
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Digital Forensics: Putting Detective Skills to Work in the Corporate Sector
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Need a Forensic Accountant? Here’s What to Look For
General Business - 10/16/14

Forensic Accounting: Why Timing Matters to Successful Litigation
General Business - 10/16/14

Six Excuses Organizations Use to Ignore Fraud Risk and Anti-Fraud Measures
General Business - 10/16/14

New IRS Repair Regulations Require Special Attention Now - Frequently Asked Questions
General Business - 09/04/14

SALT-ED Q&A: My vendor is being audited, and I’m being asked for information. What should I do?
General Business - 09/01/14

Section 179... one of those rare gifts
General Business - 03/31/14

Valuations and the "Service": Two First-hand Cases and Insights That Can Help Improve Reports
General Business - 03/14/14

Understanding How the New Repair Regulations Will Impact Your Business - Recorded Webinar
General Business - 12/12/13

New Credit Card Protection Rules: Going Beyond Checkbox Compliance
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More Wisconsin Businesses to Qualify for Tax Savings Through Research Credit
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Cybercrimes: Is Your Business Insured?
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Gone But Not Forgotten: An Employee Handbook… For Managing Former Employees
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Keeping Information Secure: From Vulnerability Assessments to Penetration Tests
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Assessing the Impact: New DOL Fee Disclosure Rules for Retirement Plan Sponsors
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Compliance in a Global Economy: Know Your Anticorruption Risk
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The Forecast Calls for Cloud Computing – Part One
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Red Flags Rules Due Date Nears—Again
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Say Good-bye to Valuation Discounts
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The economic downturn...Is it fueling fraud in your organization?
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Resources for Fueling Your Company's Resurgence
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IRS Creates Safe Harbor for Heavy Equipment Dealers
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