Health Savings Accounts: Employee Benefit Cost Savings?

General Business

May 09, 2016
by Pamela Branshaw, CPA, CEBS, Thomas Krieg, CPA, Robert Buss, Jr., CPA, CEBS

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Pamela Branshaw Pamela Branshaw, CPA, CEBS
Employee Benefits Services Leader

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Thomas Krieg Thomas Krieg, CPA

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Robert Buss, Jr. Robert Buss, Jr., CPA, CEBS
Executive Director of Benefit Services

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Most businesses are looking for cost savings. Combine that with the recently enacted health care reforms, which could result in health benefits being even more costly for employers, and businesses have a great reason to revisit health savings accounts! Health savings accounts (HSAs) provide a cost-effective method for employers to provide health insurance while offering employees a tax-favorable way to fund future medical needs.

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