An Influence Strategy for Changing Patient Behavior

Health Care

May 17, 2016
by Tina Nazier

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Tina Nazier Tina Nazier
Health Care Strategic Alignment Director

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Patients' failure to follow physician recommendations is a well-documented link to poorer outcomes and higher health care costs, but strategies to address the problem remain elusive.  Just telling a patient what to do may not yield the health outcomes we target. Achieving and maintaining a healthy population require an entire influence strategy. Influence involves:
  • Understanding long-term, deeply entrenched strategies.
  • Understanding an individual’s knowledge/skill base and personal motivation.
  • Enlisting skill building as a major component of the strategy.
  • Interlocking behaviors with the entire social support network around the patient.
  • Changing minds, hearts, and eventually actions.
Continue reading for five ways you can assist your patients in changing behavior.

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