Evaluating Financing Options Webinar

Health Care

February 10, 2010
by Kelly Arduino, MA, MBA

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Kelly Arduino Kelly Arduino, MA, MBA

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The requirements for accessing capital have changed significantly in the past year and organizations have had to make significant adjustments to expectations around the availability and cost of capital. Governmental loans and government-insured debt have taken center stage and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) has supplied additional monies to existing and new lending programs to fill the gap left by traditional debt financing options.  Comparing capital options has become more confusing than before given factors such as government paperwork, the reluctance of banks to offer long term rates, and the increased fees for underwriting and monitoring. This session will focus on real life examples of how healthcare organizations have made financing decisions, specifically the key factors in comparing options. There will be further discussion of how to effectively manage your financing team and what the board needs to know about making informed decisions about financing options.

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