Deciding on Financing Options: What’s Available and Best Practices in RFP Creation and Evaluation – Recorded Webinar

Health Care

May 21, 2013
by Kelly Arduino, MA, MBA

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Kelly Arduino Kelly Arduino, MA, MBA

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This webinar was recorded May 21, 2013.
Capital is again available for rural health care organizations. Government programs (i.e., USDA, HUD mortgage insurance), banks, and the bond market are all viable options. With so many options how do you choose which type of financing vehicle is best and who should help you in securing that financing? This webinar will empower management and Boards to first understand the differences between today’s financing vehicles and lenders, then learn how to effectively conduct an RFP process that will enable an apples-to-apples comparison.  In addition, training on how to develop relevant criteria for deciding on a financing option and then the best firm/organization to work with the chosen financing vehicle will be provided.  The webinar will conclude with tips on how participants can apply their newly acquired knowledge and training to evaluating RFP responses.

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