Hospital Physician Alignment: The Path to Integration

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December 22, 2008

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So here’s the question: What is the goal of integration or any hospital-physician alignment strategy? Is it to protect and/or expand market share? Is it to protect and/or share in downstream revenue? Is it to secure a more stable provider platform? Is it to prevent duplication of services? Is it to better consolidate the delivery system so service offerings can be developed or leveraged? In much of our integration work over the years, it seems any one or more of those questions have served as the basis for pursuing greater hospital-physician alignment. But when it gets whittled down to its core, shouldn’t it be all about the patient? Shouldn’t it be about ensuring consistent and ready access? Shouldn’t it be about providing the highest quality of care with the least amount of variation? Aren’t those the ways to true indispensability in the market? We think so. The business case for integration and hospital-physician alignment comes down to a simple goal: to create the most effective and efficient community delivery system we possibly can.

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