ICD-10-CM “101” – Starting With the Basics - Recorded Webinar

Health Care

September 12, 2012
by Karin Schuman

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Karin Schuman Karin Schuman
Coding and Revenue Cycle Consultant

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This webinar was recorded September 12, 2012.

With uncertainty surrounding ICD-10 implementation, practices have been hesitant to begin training their providers and staff. Although an official date has yet to be announced, we think the proposed October 1, 2014, date is inevitable. The goal of this webinar is to begin your education and make your “kickoff” planning less overwhelming. We will provide you with a fundamental understanding of ICD-10-CM coding conventions and guidelines, with an overview of the development, organization, and changes in coding structure, including a high-level view of each chapter. In addition, we will cover how to use “General Equivalence Mappings” (GEMs) and discuss best practices for rolling out provider education to ease your implementation process. 

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