Results-Driven Dialogue

Health Care

September 05, 2014
by Tina Nazier

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Tina Nazier Tina Nazier
Health Care Strategic Alignment Director

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Do you ever walk away from a conversation thinking: “That didn’t go like I planned?” Or have you ever felt that you just wanted to have a better outcome in some of your conversations?
Many of us are fairly effective at holding difficult conversations with people we know and trust and can engage in healthy dialogue (defined as the free flow of meaning). The real challenge comes when we hold conversations that involve high stakes, opposing viewpoints, and strong emotions. That’s when a conversation becomes “crucial.”

If you have a conversation that is not being held, or not being held well, and it is keeping you from getting results this article will help. It’s based on ground-breaking research in the book Crucial Conversations®: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High* by VitalSmarts ™.  Download the article below to learn how you can have more effective conversations.

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