Quantifying the Impact of Health Care Reform – Recorded Webinar

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April 01, 2014
by John Dao, MHA

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John Dao John Dao, MHA
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This webinar was recorded April 1, 2014.
Many hospitals and health systems are at a crossroads in how they are responding to health care reform. In many markets, demand for health care continues to grow and outpace capacity (even in inpatient settings). In these high-demand and high-utilization markets, many hospitals and health systems don’t have enough capacity to keep up with demand (beds, operating rooms, etc.). In response, some are considering new facility expansion projects that can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. This is obviously a significant risk when utilization is projected to decline nationally and health care reform measures are aimed at keeping patients out of the hospital setting.  So what are they to do in these situations?  Should they avoid construction in the hopes that utilization rates will drop as projected (meanwhile potentially losing market share and patient loyalty) or should they spend the millions on construction and risk not needing the resources in ten years?  This is a dilemma that many hospitals and health systems across the country are currently faced with. 

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