The Nuts and Bolts of Medicare Orthopedic Bundled Payment Initiatives

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January 26, 2016
by Kimberly Heller, CPA, CMA, LNHA

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Kimberly Heller Kimberly Heller, CPA, CMA, LNHA

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The orthopedic bundled payment initiatives begin in less than two months. Some providers are working hard to prepare for this new payment reform while others are hardly aware of its existence.
Our first article, published on February 2, 2016, included six key points related to the orthopedic bundled payment initiative. In this article we will explore the “nuts and bolts” of this Medicare initiative.
  1. What providers, conditions, and services will be impacted.
  2. The time frame for patient episodes, as well as Medicare measurement of outcomes, payments, and settle-up reconciliation.
  3. The financial and quality metrics that will be used to determine payments.
  4. Why providers that are not in the affected geographic areas should still pay attention.

Continue reading article #2 as we dive deeper into each of these areas.

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