Trends in Long Term Care – Strategic Issues and Opportunities Webinar

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by Mike Edwin, MBA

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Mike Edwin Mike Edwin, MBA

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The baby boomers just began turning 65 in 2008.  The senior population that most long term care organizations are serving is the silent generation, seniors over the age of 85.  Many of these seniors were negatively impacted by the economic downturn and housing crisis.  If they can't sell their home, they are not moving  to senior housing or assisted living.   As a result, many organizations face lower than budgeted occupancy; a resident population that is over the age of 85 and aging in place, and a population that is running out of funds more quickly.   This webinar will focus on discussing trends impacting long term care organizations including legislative, economic, and demographic trends.  We will discuss strategic issues as a result of current trends, and  will identify strategies and opportunities for long term care and senior services organizations  to face these challenges.  This webinar is intended for executive directors, administrators, board members, owners, and managers of senior services and long term care organizations. 

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