TRUST: The Most Powerful Innovation in Health Care

Health Care

September 03, 2015
by Tina Nazier

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Tina Nazier Tina Nazier
Health Care Strategic Alignment Director

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As a health care leader in an ever-changing world, you know the importance of constantly rethinking the way you deliver care. In order for health care organizations to survive, they must consider how to transform traditional health care by harnessing the power of innovation.
Innovation in health care is similar to that in other industries. It takes into account a complex “ecosystem” of stakeholders and addresses how they interact with their environments to achieve a desired outcome. In health care, that desired outcome is shifting from managing diseases to attaining and sustaining a higher health status. In order to accomplish this, you need to look at health from both a social and behavioral perspective. This starts with building trusting relationships across the entire health care delivery system. Trust means the ability to depend on each other to achieve a common purpose. In the health care realm, patients, providers, and other stakeholders are all dependent on each other to achieve population health. Trust is widely recognized as being central to the successful doctor-patient relationship.
So how do you innovate in building trust? Read the article below to learn about three key steps to hold yourself, your providers, and your staff accountable.

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