So Why Are You Doing This? Keys to Selecting New Core System Software - Recorded Webinar


March 20, 2013
by Steve Kronsnoble

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Steve Kronsnoble Steve Kronsnoble
Director, Wipfli Insurance Practice

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This webinar was recorded March 20, 2013

Your current policy, billing, and claims core systems have served you well for 15 or 20 years, but like many in the industry, you find that they are constraining your business. These projects are hard and not done very often, so it is critical to start out right. Understanding “why” is the first key. What business needs are not fulfilled by the current system? That knowledge can guide the search. This webinar will suggest a practical approach to software selection. The presenters have frequently guided insurance companies in selecting software, and we will share what our collective experience has taught us.
We will discuss:
  • Keys to a successful hunt—what to bring and what to leave behind
  • How to hone in on what is most important
  • An Agile approach to software selection
  • The business and technology partnership
  • Determination of your success criteria
  • Commitment
  • Making the best choice and useful byproducts of the selection process—and the chosen software is only one of them!

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