Simplifying Business Intelligence: A Strategy for Better Decision Making and More Effective Collaboration

Manufacturing and Distribution Consulting Services

March 24, 2015
by Mark Stevens, Dwight Cody, CPA, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Jason Muhlstein

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Mark Stevens Mark Stevens
Partner, Manufacturing and Distribution Consulting and Technology Integration

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Dwight Cody Dwight Cody, CPA, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Consulting Manager

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Jason Muhlstein Jason Muhlstein

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Are you stuck in truly understanding your business performance and confused about how complex analytics can lead you to the insight you need? Have you invested resources in information systems only to be left wanting more from the information and reports?

To increase effectiveness and efficiency in decision making and to ensure an environment of collaboration, intuition just isn’t enough. Business intelligence (BI) is what gets you there, but it can easily become expensive and complicated. Learn how simplifying business intelligence can lead you to the insight you need, without the waste. 
During this webinar we will examine the strategic purpose of BI, and its practical applications.
Highlights include:
  • How BI can bring clarity and focus to the critical few issues that matter.
  • How BI can help leaders solve their business problems, including disparate information systems and inefficient and ineffective decision making.
  • The most common BI applications.
  • The secrets to maximizing user adoption and sustainability.
Who should listen
  • Anyone wondering if BI is worth the investment
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to promote better decision making and collaboration
  • Anyone wanting to get more from their current BI system or data reporting
  • Anyone interested in creating data-driven management systems

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