Freshwater Industry

    Freshwater Industry

    Supporting business growth and innovation for freshwater-related companies.

    Freshwater Industry
    These are exciting times for the freshwater industry. New discoveries, technologies, and initiatives are moving ahead at remarkable speed.  Innovation from new and emerging water-related companies will boost economic development and promote sustainability. Education will fuel specialized talent and create new careers.
    In a dynamic industry such as this, companies that use fresh water in manufacturing and distribution will face ongoing business challenges at many levels. Whether a startup or mature company, success relies on smart business decisions—from financial strategies to technology to back office support. Wipfli can help.

    A Commitment That Runs Deep
    To stay current on specific business issues pertinent to the industry, Wipfli stays close to those on the leading edge of freshwater innovation including a presence inside the Global Water Center in Milwaukee, WI. The Global Water Center houses The Water Council academic research programs, large multinational companies, small water-technology businesses, startup entrepreneurs, and specialized business experts. The collaborative setting encourages strong connections among people working within the entire freshwater ecosystem.

    High Level of Expertise
    Whether your business is young, established, big, or small, Wipfli’s team of experts brings you solid, strategic thinking from all perspectives including financial success, tax optimization, operational excellence and work force engagement. With our high level of expertise and understanding of your business and life cycle, we know the issues to anticipate. We’ll study your specific situation and provide advice in key areas such as:

    Thought from Dave Christianson...
    “As a firm with a history of supporting the state of Wisconsin, business growth and innovation, and a commitment to sustainability, Wipfli is thrilled to be involved with the water industry cluster that benefits the state and business community on so many levels. We especially look forward to our presence in the Global Water Center and providing advice to growing companies in the fresh water industry to help them achieve success.”
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    BUSINESS OF WATER - a special bi-monthly supplement to the Milwaukee Business Journal
    Read the latest stories of the freshwater cluster and efforts to establish Milwaukee as a global leader in water research including: “The Business of Water: Continuous Improvement and Your ERP System” by Dave Christianson. Click here.
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