Wipfli Connect for Banking

    Wipfli Connect for Banking

    Banking is a relationship business. Leverage a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that works the way you do.

    In today’s economic climate, it is more important than ever to understand your customers. But wading through massive amounts of data can be overwhelming and inefficient, exhausting the resources you could put toward improving cross-sell referrals and targeted sales.

    Wipfli Connect for Banking gets everyone on the same communication page to ensure the efficiencies you need now and the customer loyalty you want now and always.

    • Drive noninterest income
    • Maintain or improve margins
    • Identify and leverage the most profitable relationships
    • Improve cross-sell referrals
    • Grow market share
    • Delight customers with exceptional service across all touch points

    Wipfli Connect for Banking

    Wipfli Connect for Banking creates one simple-to-use interface across all lines of business and branches, allowing you to effectively manage customer information, improve customer service, and keep everyone up to date on every customer interaction. It provides visibility into referrals, sales opportunities, customer life events, products, account balances, and next best offers. It is a central point of view that consolidates information from a lot of disparate systems including your core processor, mortgage, investment, and insurance systems.

    Improve processes and gain efficiencies. One consolidated view of customer information lets you improve workflow by automating manual tasks, eliminating duplicate data entries, and streamlining processes across functions in the bank.

    Increase retention and cross-selling opportunities while building a sales culture. By centrally tracking all customer information, your organization gains timely insights into customer-specific needs, helping staff and relationship managers identify the right products and services to offer while delivering relevant, customer-focused communication.

    Enhance customer service. Complete information on every customer is in one central, easily accessible place, helping you deliver quality, personalized service with every interaction.

    Optimize customer retention. Comprehensive workflow and case management capabilities ensure every communication opportunity is tracked through its life cycle, so you never miss an important touch point with any customer.

    Streamline communication flow.  Create visibility across lines of business to holistically service your customers.
    Comprehensive. Collaborative. Customer Service. That is Wipfli Connect for Banking.

    Thought Behind Wipfli Connect for Banking

    Gaining complete visibility into your customer relationships so you can focus on your target markets. Enhancing customer service while increasing efficiency. That was the thought behind Wipfli Connect for Banking.

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