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Your business is to deliver the products and services to meet your customers’ needs. How you deliver these products and services – from purchasing, manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing through employee and vendor management - is what keeps you up at night.

Do we have the materials we need? Do we have the staff scheduled? Can we meet the customer’s time frame? Are we making money on this job? Your enterprise software system is a critical engine in helping you get your work done and meeting your customers’ needs. We have partnered with Microsoft and specifically Microsoft Dynamics to build industry-specific enterprise systems that help our customers sleep at night. Our engineers will work with you to install this in the cloud or on-premise.

Are you a manufacturer looking for to select, replace, implement, or optimize your ERP? Visit our Manufacturing ERP Resource Library to get the information you need.

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Featured Success Story

PAK Technologies, Inc.

Wipfli gave one busy contract manufacturer the powerful business insights it needed by identifying and implementing the right business management solution.


Industry ERP Solutions
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PAK Technologies, Inc.
Janine Kaczmarowski, CFO

“Wipfli has the right kind of people. They know exactly what they’re doing, they know what questions to ask, and they take the time to get to know our needs and how our business works. The result is that they get it right from day one. Wipfli just makes my life so much easier.”

Matrix Packaging Machinery
Marc Willden, CEO

“Some time ago we crossed the line where we are now much more productive than we were with our old ERP system…by a long way. So much so, that if we had to go back to our old system, I would be forced to hire all new engineers because our engineers would quit! The change has been that dramatic, and we can thank Wipfli for making it possible. They’ve earned our trust and respect.”