Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Familiar... Intelligent... Connected. If You Have Customers, You Need Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

At its core, CRM involves three basic steps:  finding and developing customer relationships, keeping customers happy, and growing these relationships to enhance your business profitability.

It's one thing to identify a loyal customer; it's another to cultivate that loyalty. To do this, you have to know your customers. Knowledge is power, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers.

Seamless Outlook Integration

CRM Within The Familiar Microsoft Outlook Experience
Exceptional user adoption of CRM because business users get CRM capability within Microsoft Outlook. 

Streamlined CRM User Interface
Microsoft Dynamics CRM features a streamlined interface to provide quicker and easier navigation. View demo of streamlined navigation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Strong Personalization Tools to Fit Organizations’ and Individuals’ Business Needs
Create personal views, add commonly used records, and design personal dashboards to measure performance. 


More Intuitive, Easier Adoption

Easily Build Workflows and Automated Processes to Fit Your Unique Business
In addition to the powerful workflow engine and automated processes, this feature provides step-by-step guidance through any business process or interaction. 
Real-time Dashboards
Rapidly configure multiple real-time dashboards to actively monitor business performance and improve decision-making – with business users able to build their own dashboards without IT assistance.

Flexible Goal Management
Define key performance and business health indicators to track and measure progress against any organizational goal or metric.

Featured Expertise

Matt Gelb

Matt's background includes over 15 years of involvement in aligning business process and technology initiatives. Matt has worked with dozens of Wipfli clients to put Microssoft DynamicsTM CRM to work for them; helping them grow, retain, and expand their customers.

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WipfliConnect: CRM that works the way you do

Wipfli Connect solutions derive all the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM but are tailored to the insurance industry, contractor/specialty/sub-contractor industry, and to the real estate property management industry. With Wipfli’s Dynamics CRM design templates for these industries, you will save customization time and effort and gain a better, smarter CRM system designed for your business.

Before you invest in a CRM system, check out our Wipfli Connect solutions.

Wipfli Connect

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