Accounting software designed specifically for small businesses

There are a lot of accounting software solutions available in the marketplace and finding one that offers the functionality needed at a reasonable price can be a struggle. Many small and mid-size businesses have found Intuit’s QuickBooks software to be a good solution. Some of the reasons are listed below: 

  • Multiple versions are available allowing flexibility in tailoring the functionality and the price point more specifically to the needs of a business (also, the software is available in desktop version or on-line and for Windows or Mac)

  • Easy-to-use, even for those without a background in accounting

  • Cost-effective

  • Very widely used and supported

  • Integrates/interfaces easily with many different third party software solutions as appropriate

Wipfli’s Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors are able to assess the accounting software needs of your business and provide the following services as appropriate:

  • Identify if a QuickBooks product would be a good fit and if so, recommend which specific QuickBooks product(s) would be best

  • Plan and lead a QuickBooks implementation

  • Ensure the QuickBooks file is set-up and being used correctly (including conversion of data from other accounting software products if appropriate)

  • Provide training to all users as needed

  • Provide ongoing support

  • Perform periodic QuickBooks file reviews to ensure the software is being utilized in the most efficient and beneficial manner possible

  • Recommend third party software solutions that integrate/interface with QuickBooks as appropriate and assist with implementation of such solutions

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Kimberly K. Blascoe, CPA

For more than 23 years, Kim has been providing clients with excellent services and the expertise needed to start, build, and succeed in their businesses while developing long-term relationships.

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