Plan Design, Record Keeping, and Compliance

Plan Design

The Department of Labor has taken great interest in looking out for retirement plan participants.  Retirement plans are key to attracting and retaining talented employees. Wipfli’s team of experts provides proactive plan design solutions, has a thorough understanding of the laws that govern benefit plans, and can help you navigate your responsibilities. Wipfli will help you structure your plan to meet your plan design needs through an efficient and cost-effective process for you. Whether your needs are a SEP or a SIMPLE, or a qualified plan such as a 401(k) or defined benefit or cash balance plan, Wipfli can guide you through the process of evaluating the alternatives and helping you select the best plan for your business.

Plan Documents

Wipfli can provide plan documents for your various plan needs to go along with your plan design:

  • 401(k) plans/profit sharing plans
  • Money purchase pension plans
  • Defined benefit plans, including cash balance
  • Cafeteria plans
  • Wrap welfare benefit plans
  • Deferred compensation plans, including Code Section 457 plans for tax-exempt employers

Record Keeping and Administration

Our knowledgeable professionals stay up to date on current developments, technology, tools, and resources to help you comply with IRS and DOL requirements. Whether you want to use a vendor platform provider, a traditional or brokerage account approach, or Wipfli’s efficient daily trading platform  for your record keeping approach, Wipfli can assist you. Our specialized and dedicated staff focuses on your needs by providing quality, proactive consulting and recordkeeping and compliance services, including the following and more:  

  • Processing employee data for determining eligibility, vesting, allocations, and calculating contributions
  • Reconciling of payroll contribution data to investment records
  • Preparing a summary of participants’ accounts
  • Preparing account statements for participants
  • Discrimination testing and monitoring contribution limits
  • Preparing notice and election forms for terminated participants
  • Reviewing and processing Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
  • Preparing loan documentation

IRS and DOL Compliance

Wipfli can assist you with IRS and DOL compliance by preparing the following filings:

  • Form 5500 and required schedules
  • Audited financial statement for Form 5500 filings
  • Summary Annual Reports
  • Form 1099-R and Form 1096
  • Form 990
  • Forms 5300 and 5307, Application for Determination Letter
Featured Expertise

Pamela Branshaw, CPA, CEBS

Pam Branshaw is responsible for the development of the employee benefits practice for Wipfli. She manages a firmwide staff that provides comprehensive recordkeeping services for over 600 retirement plans and 25 cafeteria plans, as well as providing consulting and plan document services to many other benefit plans.


Plan Design, Record Keeping, and Compliance
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