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30 Tips in 30 Days


30 tips in 30 days ebook

Are your cybersecurity measures where they should be?

Data breaches are happening more frequently and costing businesses more and more each year.

Wipfli’s 2023 collection of the 30 most timely and relevant cybersecurity best practices, released during Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October, can help you navigate the threats and challenges that are an unavoidable part of business life all year round.

No matter how far along an organization’s information security practices are in their development and enforcement, these tips can provide you with assurance or important starting points to tighten up your policies and processes. Your efforts need to be ongoing and nimble as the cybercriminals are set on confounding the latest defenses.

Download our e-book to learn everything from the biggest targets for cybercriminals to how AI and other tools can help propel — and thwart — attacks and how you can help protect your business 24/7.

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It's No Longer a Question of "If," It's a Question of "When"

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