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Business Transition Readiness Assessment

Plan the future of your business

Business Transition Readiness Assessment

Find out if your business is ready for the future with a Wipfli readiness assessment Just $5,000! 

Your final written report, complete with scoreboards of our findings, will assist in determining the most appropriate manner to proceed - considering timing and risk factors as well as personal and business objectives. If you're not ready to embark on transition, Wipfli will help illustrate areas to address.

Whether carefully staging retirement, transitioning to family, developing and retaining management talent, or responding to the unthinkable, don’t leave the future of your business up to chance. Business transition planning is the difference between your business stumbling or succeeding.
Right now, approximately 80 percent of privately-owned businesses do not have a succession plan in place. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, only 30% of privately-owned businesses survive the transition from first to second generation, 15% from second to third generation, and only 4% make it to a fourth generation.
The key cause of failure?
A lack of corporate planning. Wipfli can help.


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