Alumni Bridge

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some frequently asked questions about Wipfli’s alumni program. If you have questions that are not answered here, you can send us your question.

What is the Alumni Bridge?

Relationships are so important in business and in life. The firm’s alumni network is being developed to help Wipfli alumni continue to build upon the relationships established during their time with Wipfli. The “Alumni Bridge” symbolizes the solid foundation of our relationships that can be leveraged no matter where you go, and the strong connection between the firm and our alumni that will continue in the years ahead.

Who’s involved in the Alumni Bridge?

Our alumni include those who have retired from the firm as well as those who have left to pursue new paths in their careers.

On the Wipfli side, those involved in this program include everyone from our associates to senior leadership. We’re committed to connecting you with current Wipfli associates and keeping you updated on what’s happening in our firm.

What are the benefits of being involved in the Alumni Bridge?

We’re proud of the many benefits our program offers our alumni. Through the Alumni Bridge, you will be:

  • Invited to participate in CPE opportunities (webinars and live events) featuring updates on current business topics.
  • Connected to current Wipfli associates and alumni.
  • Updated on the latest developments with the firm and thought leadership.

From networking opportunities to help you evolve in your career and stay connected to CPE credit to maintain your license, Wipfli’s Alumni Bridge is here to help.

How can I update my alumni information to receive Wipfli’s emails and invitations?

There is a form located on this webpage to send us your updated information.

Will Wipfli hold live alumni events?

In the future as the full alumni network launches, the firm plans to hold events in select locations. The purpose of these events will be to help us to connect with our alumni and to give our alumni an opportunity to network with our current associates and other alumni.

How can I reach former colleagues?

If they are Wipfli associates, please send us an email through the link below with your email address, and we will send the request to the current associate. If the former colleague is also an alumnus, we will do our best to connect you while following privacy laws.

Who can I contact if I have other questions about the Alumni Bridge?

Please contact Jennifer Olsen at