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Cybersecurity Managed Detection and Response Solutions

Elevate your cybersecurity to the next level.


Cyber threats are rising in both volume and sophistication every day. Considering that it takes over 200 days to detect a network compromise, cybersecurity risk must be managed continuously. But building a 24/7 security operations model is cost-prohibitive for most organizations, making outsourcing security operations a good business decision. 

Wipfli’s managed detection and response (MDR) solution is a complete managed cybersecurity service that combines artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, machine learning and high-touch support from a team of cybersecurity analysts to deliver better results at a lower cost.

Managed Detection and Response Cybersecurity Solutions

Packages start at $800/month and include:

Security Monitoring

Gain full visibility, monitoring and alerting across your entire network, including internal and cloud infrastructure. Monitor and protect your systems 24/7 from known and current attacks.

Threat Hunting

Stealth attacks can hide for over a year before triggering an alert. With Wipfli’s MDR, you can hunt down attack campaigns in your network before it results in a data breach.

Threat Anticipation

Cybercriminals create new attack tactics and techniques every day. Use our threat intelligence platform to automate the collection, analysis and correlation of global threats in order to anticipate any threats to your organization and continuously evolve your defenses.

Incident Analysis

While organizations face a deluge of alerts, very few alerts are actual incidents. Wipfli’s incident analysis service uses machine learning to quickly triage alerts and applies forensic automation to determine if there is an incident. Use our investigators to conduct deeper analysis on these incidents to provide actionable remediation steps.

Incident Remediation

Engage our incident responders to collaborate with distributed teams and contain, mitigate and recover from an incident. Leverage our supervised machine-learning algorithms for automating basic remediation steps, as well as a response orchestration platform to swiftly collaborate on key decisions.

A topnotch cybersecurity program can foster greater trust and loyalty with your customers. Fill out the form below to discuss your business’s security needs and learn more about Wipfli’s managed detection and response solutions.