COVID-19 solutions center

How we can help you respond, recover and revitalize your business

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has the ability to hit every component of your business. At Wipfli, we bring the people, tools and methodology to help you respond, recover and revitalize your business in the wake of the coronavirus global pandemic.

Our skilled associates are ready to help you with:

Financial strategies

Our team is ready to help guide you in managing the financial impacts of COVID-19 with strategies to solidify your future and minimize risk, including properly capturing and accounting for crisis-related costs and expenses, understanding the tax implications of those expenditures.

What we offer:

  • SBA PPP and PPP round two loan consulting
  • Cash flow impacts and planning
  • Income tax impacts and planning
  • Expense analysis and mitigation
  • Back-office support to cover accounting and expense management
  • M&A advisory
  • Business succession guidance

Managing disruption

Our associates will work with you to limit business interruption by evaluatithe associated costs of a COVID-19 to keep your organization strong and secure.

What we offer:

  • Rapid change management
  • Crisis response management
  • Strategies for safer reopenings
  • Redefine structure and roles
  • Lead and manage change
  • Business continuity and recovery

Your workforce

Providing employees with the right tools, direction and leadership can help you do more than just survive COVID-19. They can help position you for a strong recovery.

What we offer:

  • Employee benefits, payroll
  • Understanding new legislation, regulations
  • Remote workforce technology support
  • Motivating and managing stress of employees
  • Redefine structure and roles
  • Lead and manage change

Working remotely

  • Maximizing remote work productivity
  • Craft policies and procedures for remote workers
  • Recruit, manage and retain remote employees
  • Office reopening strategies
  • Communication during a crisis
  • Technology enablement and support
  • Cybersecurity procedures, monitoring and testing

Cybersecurity and technology solutions

Secure and innovative management of technology needs and risks to ensure your team can work securely and efficiently from anywhere during shelter in restrictions.

What we offer:

  • Cyber security for cloud operations
  • Remote workforce enablement
    • e-commerce website, sales, marketing
    • Optimized digital customer experience
    • App development
    • Digital readiness strategy
    • Business intelligence, data
  • Technology risk management
  • Cloud-based ERP and CRM solutions
  • Cybersecurity testing and training

Personal finance

Our advisors can help you make decisions for today while mapping strategy for the future to help you still achieve your goals in the wake of COVID-19 and its continued impact on the economy.

What we offer:

  • Financial planning
  • Business succession planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Individual tax strategies

Visit our COVID-19 resource center to see articles and events to provide you with the latest information, guidance and support.

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