Turn stimulus confusion into clarity

Crack through stimulus confusion

Qualifications and filing requirements are complex. Our team is here to help.

  • Did your business experience a drop of more than 50% in gross receipts in 2020 compared to the same quarter in 2019?
  • Did your business experience a drop of more than 20% in gross receipts in 2021 compared to the same quarter in 2020?
  • Was your business fully or partially suspended due to orders from an appropriate governmental authority limiting commerce, travel or group meetings due to COVID-19?

If you answered yes to any of the above, get help today. Our financial specialists can guide you on:

Tracking expenses and maximizing loan forgiveness

Our accounting professionals help you develop a project plan so you can maximize tax credits. We can advise on your qualification for the credit and take on the calculations.

Investing in your future

We can help you establish the appropriate financial accounting processes to ascertain your eligibility.

Investing in your future

Leverage stimulus funding to make the investments you need to be successful in the future, such as digital transformation through e-commerce, cybersecurity, CRMs or ERPs. Our Wipfli Digital team can help assess your needs and build a roadmap that meets program requirements.

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