Integrity monitoring services

Objective oversight that stands up to government scrutiny.

Contractors across the country are facing increased scrutiny on government contracts. The U.S. Department of Justice launched the Procurement Collusion Strike Force to identify bad conduct and ultimately eliminate bid rigging, which it believes inflates procurement costs by 20%.

How confident are you that your business can withstand government scrutiny? Has your organization put a compliance program in place that is effective and can prevent future violations? Have you updated your policies and procedures recently, and are your employees following them? Are your subcontractors and joint venture partners behaving within the confines of the law?

Minimize the risk of fraud, waste and abuse with Wipfli

Wipfli’s integrity monitoring services can help you act proactively to pass scrutiny or help you manage and recover from an indictment. With deep experience in the construction industry, our team has the skills and tools needed to provide you with independent oversight.

We offer three types of integrity monitoring:

Proactive integrity monitoring:

Assess your organization’s risks and close the gaps so that you can stay compliant with the law. We can also assist in developing a compliance program for your firm.

Project-based monitoring:

Gain confidence that contractors and subcontractors have complied with key construction contract terms. Wipfli monitors costs billed by prime or sub-contractors, RFIs and change orders, equipment utilization, prevailing wage provisions or MBE/WBE/DBE participation.

We also assist owners, financiers or prime contractors both during and after completion to monitor and report on compliance with key contract provisions.

Regulatory enforcement integrity monitoring:

If you’ve been indicted, let Wipfli help you discover if there is truly evidence of wrongdoing in your organization. We can also perform independent, court-ordered monitoring services.

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Marc has more than 25 years of diverse experience in forensic accounting, law practice, information technology systems, and corporate management. He has conducted financial forensic investigations and fraud risk assessments, and specializes in digital forensics, e-discovery, and litigation readiness preparedness.

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