Cybersecurity Facilitated Assessment for Credit Unions

Meet baseline maturity in all five FFIEC/NCUA ACET cybersecurity domains.

Is your credit union able to meet baseline maturity in all five domains in the ACET? 

Prepare your credit union for the ACET. 

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With cybersecurity a growing concern for small and large businesses alike, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is putting the spotlight on cybersecurity by utilizing the Automated Cybersecurity Examination Tool (ACET) to measure their inherent risk profile and maturity level. Although this tool is only being used in examinations with credit unions over a billion dollars in assets currently, the NCUA is planning on scaling down the ACET for smaller credit unions.[1] Now is the time to prepare!

Wipfli offers more than the audit, tax and business advisory services you may be leveraging. Our cybersecurity solutions can provide you with visibility into your cybersecurity program, prepare you for the ACET and help you better protect your members from fraud and data breaches.

Start by using Wipfli’s Cybersecurity Facilitated Assessment to navigate the complexity of the FFIEC and NCUA tools and requirements. Then achieve the appropriate maturity level in each of the five domains by engaging our team to identify gaps and create a roadmap to close them.

Next, engage Wipfli’s more in-depth services to break down the ACET into actionable portions. We have experience helping other credit unions complete the examination and can help you get a head start. Contact us today to learn more.



[1] “Supervisory Priorities for 2018,” J. Mark McWatters, National Credit Union Administration, December 21, 2017,, accessed May 22, 2018

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