Financial Services

Asset and Liability Management Services

Consulting to enhance and strengthen your current ALM processes and program.

Turn asset and liability management into a competitive advantage. Seasoned professionals identify existing business practices that would benefit from measured, practical steps to improve risk management. Each step is an integral part of a journey to educate and broaden clients’ internal capabilities.

Team expertise includes:

  • Consulting to assist to build a comprehensive ALM framework that assists in managing profitability and interest rate risk to make risk management part of daily business practices
  • Interest Rate Risk Management validations
  • Training for management, ALCOs, and boards of directors
  • Liquidity Risk Management, including liquidity stress testing and process validation

Wipfli helps balance risk and profitability now and into the future with the development of appropriate strategies that strengthen ALM processes and meet regulatory expectations.

Featured Expertise

Jim Broucek

Jim Broucek has a strong and extensive background in treasury and accounting, he excels in his ability to present complex topics in a manner that’s easily understood by boards of directors, regulators, and buy- and sell-side equity analysts. Well known for his deep industry knowledge, critical thinking skills, and passion for well-planned strategic change, Jim brings a wealth of expertise and added value to his client relationships and their business outcomes.

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