FinTech Services for Financial Institutions

The time to start exploring your place in the FinTech world is now.

The time to start exploring your place in the FinTech world is now. (And not every financial institution will end up in the same place.)

Every single banking function is being disrupted by FinTech. There’s competition from online lending companies and online deposit companies. Blockchain is redefining and democratizing bookkeeping. And cryptocurrency may replace every traditional means of currency, from greenbacks to plastic.

Find your right place in the world of FinTech with Wipfli.

Whether you just want to test the FinTech waters, or are ready to dive in, Wipfli can help you navigate the murky waters of competition, technology, regulatory, and operational environments.

We provide a wide range of FinTech services to help you:

• Provide education, awareness, and advice regarding FinTech trends and their relevance to your business strategy.

• Analyze your business and determine the right FinTech partners that can best support your growth.

• Identify the kinds of FinTech companies that are right for partnerships—from buying services from FinTech companies, to investing in FinTech startups, to implementing a FinTech solution as part of your organization.

• Implement the right FinTech solutions once they are selected.

• Determine how to use regulatory technologies (RegTech) to your advantage.

Be Brave. Be Bold. But Be Prepared. 

Get FinTech advice and technology guidance from Wipfli.