Executive Coaching

Unlocking your full potential to maximize your own performance.

Why is it that some people are successful and others are not? Is it motivation? Skill? A solid plan? Execution of the plan? Circle of influence? Time? Money? Other? Many times personal and professional success hinges on one key factor: the ability to unlock your full potential to maximize your own performance. When you are attempting to maximize performance in any area, you need someone on your side to challenge you to achieve your greatest potential.


Why Our Executive Coaching Services Are So Effective

Our executive coaching process uses a three-phase approach that not only is about solving problems, increasing performance, attaining goals, and achieving results, it goes much deeper into developing a coactive relationship between executive and coach to unlock your full potential. You are encouraged and become empowered through the discovery process by finding answers to longstanding questions, building awareness, and making the best choices on your path to growth.

At the outset, we will create ground rules for working together that focus on respect, openness, compassion, empathy, and a relentless commitment to speaking the truth in order to create an alliance between executive and coach.

Phase 1 — Personal Motivating Needs Assessment
Your executive coach will begin by assessing your individual motivating needs by using the Predictive Index® (PI) assessment. You will receive a full readback of this assessment in addition to comparing/contrasting with your coach’s PI. This will enable a deeper level of understanding between you and your coach immediately upon completion of the PI in order to move rapidly from relationship building to results.

Phase 2 — Discovery
The discovery phase begins with a personal, on-site visit between you and your coach. During this phase, your coach will gather important personal and professional information from you and those you interact with in order to get a true understanding of the current situation.

Phase 3 — Plan Development and Implementation
Your coach will collaborate with you to create a plan based on knowledge gained in the discovery phase. It is your plan with your goals. During this phase, your coach acts as a sounding board and implementation partner and rigorously holds you accountable for achieving the goals outlined in your plan. Key initiatives will be developed and prioritized to create a manageable implementation plan based on your unique situation. This phase incorporates behavior change modeling, skill building, and ongoing measurement and monitoring of key success indicators to achieve desired results.

Bottom line, executive coaching is an investment in yourself, your future, and your organization’s success. Let’s get started today!

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