Boost Your Donor Database

Grow your organization with increased funders

With erratic federal and state funding, organizations are finding ways to generate their own funds. Wipfli’s proven team collaborates with nonprofit organizations like yours to provide new donor contacts and create a development plan to help improve your financial sustainability.

Included with this service are:

  • Starting or enhancing your database with 1,000 new contacts who have an interest in your type of organization and have capacity and propensity to give.
  • Analyzing up to 500 of your current contacts (if applicable) for their interest, capacity and propensity to give.
  • Coming away with a mini development plan for those 1,000 new contacts and 500 current contacts.
  • Discussing the plan (two-hour phone meeting).

Featured Thought Leader

Kate Atkins, MS

Kate's focus within the nonprofit and government practice is on aligning nonprofits across the nation with products, services, and professionals to help them achieve their mission.  She also shares her background in fundraising, membership, community partnerships, and strategic philanthropy to help clients achieve their philanthropic goals.

2018 Fundraising Assessment for Nonprofits

District 9 HRDC
Kristin Hamburg, Marketing and Development Director

"Appreciated the speaker, her ability to clearly articulate in a concise manner allowed her to cover a broad topic. Some of the take-aways were common sense, but it was nice to reinforce the info. Other times the topics discussed represented extremely valuable new insights for us to incorporate into our fundraising efforts."

Creating a Donor-Centric Culture

Having a strong donor-relation strategy improves the sustainability of your organization. How do you get everyone in your agency involved? Get started with two steps.