Board of Directors Fundraising Fire Up Sessions

Fundraising success starts with passion and fire from the top.

Jump-start fundraising efforts by preparing a board of directors to be the heart and soul of a public appeal. Fundraising Fire Up sessions translate the excitement of launching a new campaign into real world success. Sessions break down what is needed from a board and demonstrates how their involvement serves as a cue to donors of every level. 

Do board members:

  • Donate money themselves?
  • Introduce donors to the agency?
  • Talk with potential donors at events?
  • Talk about the great work the organization does each day…to friends, coworkers, and family?
  • Make asks when appropriate?

Trainers introduce the board to specific tools and techniques to begin fundraising, all in a fun, fast-paced training session. The board must be fired up if the fundraising program is going to succeed.  

Training when and where you need it—you design the engagement:

  • Half day, full day, or multiple day retreats – whatever your organization needs
  • On-site or online

Possible topics of discussion:

  • Roles and responsibilities of board and staff—with updated job descriptions
  • Give, get, or get off
  • Taking the fear out of the ask
  • Culture changes – being donor focused
  • Designing a plan
  • Telling your story – with passion
  • How to be a dream catcher and find donors

Featured Thought Leader

Kate Atkins, MS

Kate's focus within the nonprofit and government practice is on aligning nonprofits across the nation with products, services, and professionals to help them achieve their mission.  She also shares her background in fundraising, membership, community partnerships, and strategic philanthropy to help clients achieve their philanthropic goals.

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