Organizational Roadmap

Strengthen the future with a strategic organizational plan.

Gain new insights on what is possible, identify improvement opportunities, and see the steps needed to a defined destination with an organizational roadmap. A comprehensive roadmap highlights key areas of the organization and identifies where time and effort should be spent in order to grow.

Custom organizational roadmaps include the following assessments:

  • Strategic Plan: Compare available plan documents with a set of national standards and best practices to provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Technology: Identify opportunities within the organization to optimize the use of technology for enhanced productivity and reduce total cost of ownership. Teams document the organization’s current state and prioritizes recommendations to help clients transition to following industry best practices.
  • Retirement Plan: Conduct a comprehensive analysis of current retirement plan to help reduce risk, comply with regulatory requirements, and deliver more value to employees.
  • Financial Policies and Procedures: Highlight changes needed to comply with 2 CFR Part 200, Uniform Guidance, if necessary, and highlight opportunities for efficiencies.
  • Donor System: Recommendations to improve or create a donor program with step-by-step plans to support strategic goals.
  • Salary Structure: Review compensation philosophy and the salary structure in place at the organization to provide recommendations and best practices on compensation administration, avoiding salary compression and staying compliant.
  • MIP Database and Security: Review the fund accounting capabilities of an agency’s MIP software and chart of accounts.

Featured Thought Leader

Seth Fine, CPF, MS

Seth works in the nonprofit and government practice and helps to lead our strategy, organizational development, and HR solutions across the firm.  Drawing from a decade of consulting for Fortune 1000 organizations, he now helps mission-driven clients transform their businesses into community and industry leaders.  Seth trains, consults, and facilitates transformation planning, change leadership, and organizational alignment priorities.

Organizational Roadmap

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