Strategic Plan Review

Instructions to send us your files.

Good news! This is the final step for us to be able to complete your Strategic Plan Review. 

You are taking a brave step toward improvement by acting on Wipfli’s Strategic Plan Review offer. In order to expedite your review and response, please follow these directions closely:

  1. Gather the following three documents, as available:
    • If applicable, your most recent approved and submitted community needs assessment report (CSBG, Head Start, etc.)
    • Your most recent approved agency strategic plan
    • Any supporting documents to the agency strategic plan. For example:  Process documentation, report appendices, SWOT analysis, research summaries, etc
  2. Upload your documents and email them as attachments to If you have only hard copies, please scan them to a PDF format and upload the scans. Please note: there is an 8MB file size limit.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email noting our receipt and an estimated date for your free report to be returned. Please allow between 30-60 days for completion.

If you have any questions or need more help with community needs or planning, please contact Brian Gaumont at 608.270.2952 or