On-Demand Fundraising Webinar Series

Connect with the community to impact fundraising efforts.

A nonprofit organization’s long-term success hinges on the ability to generate dollars differently. Boost fundraising efforts and increase impact in the community with the On-Demand Fundraising Webinar Series.

The five-part webinar series teaches how to fundraise and connect with the community in new and exciting ways.

The webinars provided many with new information and helped make the ‘ask’ much less scary.

The webinar training topics include:

  • The shared value of donor-centricity
  • Be a dream catcher
  • Storytelling as a tool for community engagement
  • Your development plan, your constant companion
  • Making the ask

With the On-Demand Fundraising Webinar Series, learn how to:

  • Develop donor-centricity as a shared value
  • Make everyone (board, staff, and volunteers) an ambassador and a fundraiser
  • Pinpoint the agency’s strengths and how they coincide with the passions of individuals and businesses
  • Make connections with and engage donors
  • Find previously undiscovered donors
  • Discover ways to help different audiences feel the impact
  • Explore ways to make every word count
  • Create a fundraising plan and organize communications to donors and the community
  • Make the ask a comfortable and fun process

All federally funded agencies should be aware that although fundraising can be allowable with prior approval, they should pay for fundraising training with non-federal funds (unless prior approval has been given).

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Creating a Donor-Centric Culture
How do you get everyone involved in donor-relations? Get started with two steps.  

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ChildCare Aware of Missouri
Misty O’Keefe, Chief Operating Officer

“My organization purchased several of the webinars and we had a joint meeting of staff and board members to view the webinars. The webinars provided many with new information and helped make the ‘ask’ much less scary. By viewing the webinars in a group environment we had great conversations during the activities and after the webinar ended.” 

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