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Dynamics 365 Business Central: Interesting New Features in the April Release

Mar 04, 2019

By Brad Franz

Microsoft is on-track to deliver the next major update to Business Central in April. As a Microsoft Partner, Wipfli has the ability to access and deploy preview versions to test out the newest features to the platform. Here are a couple of the upcoming features we expect will become user favorites:

Autosave Indicator

The lack of a save button in Business Central may be a source of confusion for those without prior Business Central experience. Like many other modern web applications, Microsoft plans to add a saved indicator to the application. Here’s what it looks like when a change to a vendor record is underway: 

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Notice the saved indicator when a page is initially opened (in this case the Vendor Card page). 

Now I'll change the vendor's name. Notice below how the autosave indicator updates automatically. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central

When Business Central has finished updating the record, the autosave indicator updates once more, showing this update has been saved in the application. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Longer Names and Descriptions

Microsoft plans to update Business Central to allow for longer name and description values. All name and description fields are being lengthened from 50 to 100 characters, providing you with greater flexibility and fewer compromises when naming or describing entities such as general ledger accounts, customers, vendors or items. 

The image below illustrates a Business Central vendor record where the vendor’s name has been populated with 100 characters.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Improvements to Scrolling in Lists

When scrolling in a list page today, your scrolling is periodically interrupted with a "fetching more rows" indicator. Scrolling pauses while Business Central fetches and loads more rows into the page. See below for an example of this:

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft’s latest enhancements aim to improve scrolling experience. You will be able to scroll to any position on a list without pause. We’ve been able to see the improved experience in our preview environments and believe this will be a simple but highly valued feature for frequent Business Central users! 

In addition to the above items, we’re looking forward to being able to review and report on our experience with the following planned Business Central April ’19 updates!

Save Filtered List View

With the April update, you will be able to name and save your list filters, creating personalized ways to interpret your data. You can customize filters to create a more complex or relevant view of your information and then save that filter configuration for future use. The tool allows you to quickly switch between different list views, including your own custom lists as well as those that come standard in the application.

Quick Entry

The Quick Entry enhancement helps make the data entry process as mouse-free as possible. You will soon be able to use the tab or enter key to navigate to essential fields. What’s more, you can personalize how the Quick Entry tool behaves. For example, you can indicate which fields can be skipped when inputting a sales order, and you will automatically jump over those fields as they tab through a form.

Personalization Capabilities

You will now have more options to personalize your workspace, and personalization settings will follow you no matter what device or browser you work on.

Enhancements allow you to hide or reorder actions on the action bar. You can also change which elements appear in the role center navigation pane. This will increase user efficiency, making it easier to find the actions, cards and lists you use often.

Document Focus Mode

For those who have to edit long, detailed documents, a new feature will expand a specified line item to take up more real estate on your screen. This enables faster, more productive data entry and helps eliminate other visual distractions.

Get Ready for the Business Central Update

Wipfli works with our clients to plan and prepare for Microsoft Dynamics 365 releases. Help make sure your Business Central release goes smoothly and take advantage of new product features and platform capabilities.

Contact us for advice and support and to learn more about how to can get the most out of Business Central.

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