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The Microsoft CSP EP renewal offer is the best offer for GP users yet

Sep 08, 2020

By Dane Koepke

Microsoft Dynamics GP users now have access to the best renewal and upgrade offer from Microsoft yet.

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Enhancement Plan Renewal Offer allows GP users active on their enhancement plan (EP) to renew their EP through the CPS and receive Dynamics 365 Business Central licenses. 

We know many of you have been seriously considering upgrading to the cloud, and many of you know you will eventually need to. With this renewal offer, there’s never been a better time to solidify your plans.

The benefits of the Microsoft CSP EP renewal offer

There are some excellent benefits to taking advantage of this renewal offer:

  • Going with this offer costs the exact same as your EP renewal quote, which means you do not have to pay a single extra dollar to upgrade to Business Central.
  • You receive Business Central licenses for whenever you are ready to migrate, but you don’t have to do so immediately. With this offer, you have dual use and downgrade rights, meaning you can continue to use GP.
  • You can make monthly EP payments instead of one annual lump sum.

To put things in perspective, the CSP EP renewal offer provides a price point 60% lower than the standard commercial list price for Business Central, so GP users really are getting a fantastic deal.

Should you upgrade to Business Central?

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has encouraged GP users to upgrade to Business Central. From Intelligent Cloud Insights to the robust migration tool, Microsoft is making the transition easier for GP users.

Big benefits of moving to Business Central include:

  • Much greater flexibility: Business Central is cloud-based, which has proved especially valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic since it allows anytime, anywhere access on any device with an internet connection. 
  • Enhanced reporting: Business Central lets you define dimensions and tag any transaction accordingly, allowing you to segment data and gain better insights.
  • Smart Lists: One of users’ favorite features from GP — Smart Lists — is also in Business Central. In fact, much of Business Central will feel familiar to GP users, which definitely eases the transition.
  • Biannual updates: Business Central gets updated every April and October with valuable new features, at no additional cost to users. Compare this with GP, which must be updated once a year. Because it’s on-premises and many users have customized systems, upgrading GP can be complex and costly. It’s starting to cost organizations more to stay up to date on GP than it would to upgrade to Business Central.

Plus, with the GP to Business Central migration tool, GP users can now transfer historical and master record data to Business Central much easier and faster. It’s no longer such an onerous, time-consuming process that makes you wonder if it’s even worth it. Now you can get your data transferred over and start running reports on it, no problem.

Getting started with the Microsoft CSP EP renewal

The CSP EP renewal offer is available from June 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021. To take the offer, you must do so during your upcoming EP renewal.

If you’re still wondering whether to upgrade to Business Central, Wipfli can help you determine if you have a strong business case to do so. If you do, we can help you leverage the CSP EP renewal offer and then prepare for and execute the transition to Business Central when you’re ready.

If it turns out you don’t, we can perform a GP optimization assessment to help you ensure GP remains the best solution for your organization.

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