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What's Your ERP Data Really Worth?

May 09, 2017
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 Manufacturing ERP Data Worth

Any company choosing to purchase an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system understands the substantial commitment of resources involved. And while an ERP system is valuable in terms of dollars and cents, it also creates subsequent value through integrated capabilities that streamline processes, unify departments across the organization and deliver better, more holistically insightful information to key decision makers.

The accurate and timely data an ERP system captures fuels business intelligence and the strategic decision making that filters into all aspects of a business, including innovation and customer satisfaction.

The criticality of data to the C-suite is indisputable, but it doesn’t stop there. By leveraging the core competencies of an ERP system, employees are empowered to carry out their responsibilities without having to rely on guesswork. ERP data is a powerful tool that ensures:

  • Quick and accurate monthly closing activities
  • Compliance requirements are met, precisely and on time
  • Production, inventory and shipments are monitored closely
  • Billing is carried out efficiently, reducing the order-to-cash cycle
  • Internal and external communication are executed properly

The high visibility and transparency an ERP system provides employees translates to customer benefits, too. Service is a key differentiator in the increasingly competitive marketplace across industries. Accurate and easily accessible data, like that delivered by an ERP system, is essential in order to deliver a consistently outstanding customer experience:

  • Streamlined backend processes maximizes productivity in shipping operations and inventory control so your company remains responsive
  • Aligned supply and demand ensures customer orders are fulfilled accurately and without delay
  • Real-time information means sales, service and fulfillment are always working from the same page, toward a seamless customer experience

Given the role data plays in an organization across the board, quantifying its value by putting a price tag on that doesn’t account for its strategic value is doing it—and you—a disservice. Reach out to a Wipfli expert today to discuss how an ERP system can compile, monitor and manage the data your company needs to succeed.

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