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Video Demo: Using Shop Floor Optics to Solve Process Leakage

Jan 15, 2019
By: Mark Stevens

By Clare Witte and Mark Stevens 

Solve performance challenges with data-driven insights. Shop Floor Optics allows you to dig into causes of downtime and identify shift variance to help you speak productively with your operators and prevent future issues.

In this 5-minute video, we walk through how a supervisor would use Shop Floor Optics to analyze machine setup time by shift. We drill down into one CNC machine where established benchmarks are not being met and see how setup times for CNC 116 vary significantly between first and second shift, with roughly five hours of unplanned setup.

We also include conversational prompts a supervisor might use when talking to operators. These conversations can aid in discovering certain obstacles or knowledge gaps.

With Shop Floor Optics, supervisors have an intuitive way to gather useful data. The real-time dashboard provides insights into total entire shop floor operations, which means you can implement action plans based on objective data that empowers others to excel.


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