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Protect, detect, respond and recover.

Cybersecurity Solutions - Managed Detection and Response Services

Ensure security strategy and solutions are as fluid and agile as the evolving cyber landscape. A comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity services proactively address mounting threats and effectively respond in the event of an incident. Services include:

SOC for Cybersecurity

Share information with stakeholders on the performance of your cybersecurity risk management program and related controls. Based on the AICPA cybersecurity reporting framework.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Wipfli’s risk assessment is based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Experts assess client company’s controls for identifying, protecting, detecting, responding and recovering from a breach.

Vulnerability Assessment

Shine a light on how effective—or ineffective—current security actually is, and offers mitigation guidelines and action items.

Penetration Testing

Professionals conduct targeted attempts to exploit the current system or policies and identify the extent to which the system can be compromised.

Social Engineering

Often the weakest links in the security chain are well-meaning but too-trusting employees. Strengthen the human factor of security through expert social engineering techniques.

Cybersecurity Policy Development

Establish guidelines spelling out how the organization protects data and the expectations for staff in contributing to security efforts.

Incident Response and Handling

Professionals provide 24/7 support and emergency handling to help investigate an attack or compromise. Experts help mitigate exposure and limit reputational damage.

Training and Awareness

Experts train client workforces, management teams, or board of directors on security expectations and responsibilities—from password protection to policies.

Vendor Management

Experts evaluate risk of third parties entrusted with key business operations or critical data. Teams monitor compliance with contractual obligations to safeguard critical information.

Cybersecurity overview
Ensure your security strategy and solutions are as agile as the evolving cyber landscape
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