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Culture Catalyst Program

Culture Is Key

You want your organization to be known as a place that makes an impact. The one that fosters collaboration and achievement and empowers top talent to stay and advance up the ladder. But how can your organization build a winning culture (and sustain it!) while navigating change successfully?

We’re here to help. Take advantage of our Culture Catalyst Program to begin or solidify your workplace transformation and achieve measurable results.

Our Culture Catalyst Program provides multiple educational, collaborative and strategic touchpoints from Wipfli’s and Human Synergistics’ knowledgeable advisors.

During this 90-day program, you benefit from:

Education - Culture Program

Education — Learn the “How Culture Works” model so you can use new insights and build capacity to apply it internally.

Focus Group and Interviews - Culture Program

Focus Groups and Interviews — Engage your teams in the process, capturing insights about culture and impact from their source.

Culture and Climate Analytics - Culture Program

Culture and Climate Analytics — Benefit from the most widely used and thoroughly researched culture assessments in the world.

Ideal Culture and Organizational Values - Culture Program

Ideal Culture and Organizational Values —  Chart the ideal culture for your organization and pinpoint the gaps between current norms and expectations.

Improvement Planning - Culture Program

Improvement Planning — Use key learnings as a foundation to create or strengthen plans that help you develop a more constructive culture and improve results.

Roadmap and Engagement - Culture Program

Roadmap and Engagement — Develop a customized roadmap to share results and help ensure clarity regarding improvement plans.

By leveraging the knowledge and capabilities of our experienced consultants during the 90-day program, your organization will:

  • Benefit from engaging key learnings every step of the way.
  • Define and implement a customized, 90-day plan for success, developed in collaboration with Wipfli’s and Human Synergistics’ culture advisors.
  • Quantify culture and connect it to your top priorities to accelerate desired results.
  • Receive an assessment of your existing culture and climate.
  • Participate in a facilitated planning session with your leadership team and/or change team.

Empower your organization and its members to define and implement a customized, 90-day blueprint for success.

Featured Thought Leader

Jeffrey H. Wulf

Jeff Wulf combines experiences in management consulting and business process improvement to provide a unique blend of talents for Wipfli’s clients. He specializes in developing holistic consulting strategies aimed at improving overall client performance.

Deron J. Kling

Deron Kling is an experienced consultant and leader focused on helping Wipfli’s clients plan for the future and reach their goals. His background includes over 20 years as an organizational leader and management consultant.

Empower your organization and its members to define and implement a customized, 90-day blueprint for success.