Business Advisory


Better Processes. Stronger Performance.

Most of the inefficiencies in organizations occur because individuals, teams, and/or departments are working against one another as opposed to aligning their efforts. The gaps in performance impact every aspect of the organization. To achieve results, especially sustainable results, organizations must align performance, revenue, profits, customers, team members, service, and productivity.

Accomplishing organizational goals is only possible when people, processes and systems are working in concert. Wipfli slows processes down in order to show organizations how to speed them up. We apply our knowledge of lean continuous improvement techniques to educate and engage the workforce in maximizing efficiency and effectiveness toward measureable savings and success.

Services include:

  • Lean Six Sigma Discovery Event
  • Operational Process Improvement
  • Process Redesign Workshops
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Root Cause Analysis Workshops
  • Process Regulatory/Standards Review
  • Guided Software Selection
  • Financial Process Review

Featured Thought Leader

Brett Polglaze

Brett Polglaze is a senior manager on Wipfli’s management consulting team with over 15 years of experience designing solutions for complex organizational questions. He has led all aspects of ERP implementations and operations improvement initiatives, serving as project manager, business analyst, solution designer, trainer, and every role in between. 

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