Culture Mirror Survey™

Reflect, measure and refine your COVID-19 plans

Now is the time for your team to reflect on decisions made in response to COVID-19 and determine if they are what you need as you revitalize your organization in the new normal.

But your organization is made up of more than processes and workflows. Your culture is what’s really driving your team to follow those processes and, ultimately, achieve your vision of success. And there’s no doubt that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on employees and culture.

Understanding a few essential culture principals and a change framework can help you create tangible steps and unravel the state of your culture that drives behaviors.

In 10 days or less, Wipfli’s team, working with Human Synergistics International, will conduct a three-step Culture Mirror Survey:

  1. We engage your team members to define what is and isn’t working and why.
  2. We collect data, analyze and compare results to your pre-COVID culture.
  3. We share results, suggest revisions and define a plan to create constructive change.

We can help you improve your culture, employee engagement, team adaptivity and overall effectiveness.

With disciplined reflection, learning and planning, it is possible to unite your team and improve your results — both today and as you continue to adapt in the wake of COVID-19.