Ownership Succession

Find peace of mind planning the future of your business.

Developing a successful approach to change of ownership can happen at any time in the life of the business. Whether the company is being sold today or 20 years from now, the process begins with a candid and clear understanding of each client’s expectations and preferred outcomes. 

No two ownership changes are alike.

Every business is built on complex relationships, and no two ownership changes are alike. Wipfli’s proven approach to ownership succession is built on peace of mind, understanding that the financial aspects of the sale are only part of a successful ownership change.

In cases of third-party sales, an owner’s priorities might be maximizing profit. Alternately, a transition to a second generation of family ownership might focus more on a clearly defined transfer of leadership as well as ownership. A sale to an existing management group might require cash flow to be paramount.

In every case, an orchestrated team of experts helps facilitate and execute the process—handling financial analysis, valuation, and transition planning. The result is an insightful, comprehensive plan that matches economic realities with owner goals, priorities, and time frames.

Seasoned experts work closely with all parties to ensure voices are heard and communication is clear, accurate, and consistent. The process can be intense, and partnering with an experienced team of experts creates peace of mind that benefits all sides of the transition. The result is an insightful, effective plan that matches economic realities with owner goals, objectives, and time frames.

Contact a Wipfli relationship executive for assistance with facilitating and executing a successful ownership change process.

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