Robert Snyder, DDS: Small Business Consulting

Robert Snyder, DDS
Robert Snyder, DDS
"Lonny Charles is the best accountant I've ever had."

Robert L. Snyder, DDS, SC has practiced dentistry in the Green Bay area for more than 30 years. His office provides a full array of dental services to help patients maintain healthy teeth. Dr. Snyder and his staff of professionals are committed to ensuring patients fully understand the dental issues they face and to helping them make informed decisions.

Patients truly do come first at Dr. Snyder’s office. As a result, the time and energy needed to effectively and consistently manage the practice’s books and cash haven’t always been the top priority. Consequently, Dr. Snyder’s office continually struggled with timely vendor payments and persistently faced overdue tax obligations.

Wipfli met one-on-one with Dr. Snyder and brought a deep understanding of small to mid-sized businesses to put the office on a two-year plan for success. The firm identified process improvements, examined areas for cutting costs, initiated a system for determining payables as well as the better timing of payments, and established prudent and healthier cash management strategies.

Things have completely turned around for the business side of Dr. Snyder’s practice. The office no longer receives dreaded overdue tax notices from the IRS and the state, and without looming tax bills comes greater peace of mind.

The office has also gained the ability to stay on top of its bills, making outstanding issues a thing of the past.

Lastly, achieving better cash flow has given Dr. Snyder a much greater sense of freedom.

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