Technology and Risk Management Policies and Templates Manual (TechPro)

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You know that IT security threats exist, even if you may not know the specific risks. But if you’re like most nonprofit leaders, your days are focused on addressing your core mission, not managing information security and IT governance.

That’s why we created TechPro – a cost-effective toolbox of technology and risk management security policies, templates, and best practices, and incorporates 2 CFR Part 200 Uniform Guidance ("OMB Super Circular") into the sample policies and procedures. Now you can have a comprehensive program that shows you what you need to know about IT security and what you need to do to mitigate risk in your organization, such as:


  • Loss of information.
  • Data breaches.
  • Loss of reputation due to security breaches.
  • Loss of funding due to regulatory noncompliance.
  • Costs associated with remediation.

TechPro also addresses key requirements associated with entities such as CIPA (Internet Protection Act), PCI (Payment Card Industry), as well as asset management requirements for funded programs by Health and Human Services.

Efficient use of precious time and dollars.

You could spend thousands of dollars and precious time by hiring someone to create a technology security policy from scratch and still not have the robust program TechPro offers. For example, TechPro provides you with asset management, asset tracking, and network documentation—features that can save you plenty on your overall IT spend.

TechPro gives you the most comprehensive tool for IT security you’ll find at a price that’s kind to your budget, too.

Consistent performance with industry best practices.

TechPro is not a “program in a box” like you see elsewhere. Other packages focus solely on technology management and don’t give you guidance on what works specifically for nonprofit organizations.

TechPro is built upon IT and risk management best practices compiled from working with hundreds of our client organizations. We’ve seen which policies and procedural templates work and which don’t. We scrutinize documentation we regularly review in audits. TechPro brings together the best from Wipfli professionals who possess deep experience and industry expertise:

  • Experts immersed in the nonprofit sector who understand what it takes for nonprofit organizations to thrive.
  • Highly knowledgeable technology professionals who leverage a wide range of IT experience within a variety of industries.
  • Risk management experts who work within all of Wipfli’s industry groups, including regulated industries such as insurance, banking, and healthcare.

Easy to understand, customize, and implement.

We designed TechPro so you can quickly customize policies and templates to address the unique needs of your organization. It’s simple to understand, too, making it easy for people across your organization to grasp and implement the policies. If you wish, training programs can be provided within the program. Download TechPro yourself and go, or let us come to you and customize the manual for you.

TechPro is the comprehensive, flexible tool you’ve been waiting for to help you manage technology governance and IT security.

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